The black tie + barefoot trend style calls for muted colored flowers! The Copacabana carnation from Dummen Orange is a perfect color for this style! Dummen Orange’s passion for excellence can be seen in the stunning array of new and thrilling varieties of carnations, roses, chrysanthemums and gerbera daisies.


In A New Leaf, the design style allows nature’s beauty to shine through. This style combines flowers plants, foliages and an array of dried flower materials. Knud Nielsen has the most comprehensive selection of varieties and colors for the dried materials to meet today's craze.

Flower Trends Forecast 2020

Trends represent shifts in consumer preferences. Sometimes the shifts are huge and cut across most all consumer profiles. Sometimes a trend is only actualized in a small portion of all consumers, but when the impact is large enough to cause a noticeable change in demand for the trend product(s), the trend is big and the impact wider. Flower Trends Forecast 2020 identifies the changes in consumer preferences impacting the most change in demand for cut flowers and floral décor.

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Ball Horticultural Company is a world leader in the research, breeding, production and marketing of ornamental crops, including cut flowers. Ball SB provides vegetative plant material for fresh cut flowers in the highland tropics and made possible dianthus, dusty miller, kale, stock and lisianthus for the Flower Trends Forecast!


Lush tablescapes are an essential part of the Posh & Polished traits. Using Oasis Black Midnight Standing Spheres anchor the tablescape providing a detailed and cultured feel that are essential to Posh & Polished trend.


Piazz and Avignon gerbera daisies from Rosa Flora help create the youthful spirit of Vibrant Vibe. All types of flowers can be used but Gerbera daisies give that dramatic burst of vibrant color. Just look at the pop of color from the Rosita and Explorer gerbera from Rosa Flora in this outstanding Vibrant Vibe bouquet!


posh + polished is a wedding decor style mixing matte metal vessels with rich, warm, jewel-toned flowers. The many vessels from Accent Decor help create the elegant and luxurious look that is at the heart of posh + polished! See more at


The soft moody colors of Black Tie & Barefoot is a perfect way to use white tinted cut greens like White Mist Plumosa, Tree Fern or Salal from the fernery of William F. Puckett. Muted and muddy tonal flowers combine with lacy and airy foliages expressing black tie + barefoot's feminine flair!


The black tie + barefoot tablescape features the Syndicate Sales Lanterns creating an intimate and romantic feel when surrounded by the hushed hues of lavenders and pinks.


Creating the Black Tie and Barefoot trend requires a natural light and delicate appearance. Rio Roses has all the right varieties to create this bohemian but tailored look. Rio Roses from Equiflor provide the romance! Quicksand, White Majolika, Porcelina and White O’Hara Rio Roses are all used throughout our trend collection.